At Risk – Understanding the details

Do You Know Your Risk Level for Heart Disease? You are considered AT RISK for developing cardiovascular disease if you have one or more of the following:

  • – Cigarette smoking
  • – Hypertension
  • – Total cholesterol > or = 200 mg/dL, HDL-C >50 mg/dL
  • – Treated for dyslipidemia
  • – Obesity, particularly central adiposity
  • – Poor diet
  • – Physical inactivity
  • – Immediate family history of premature CVD
  • – Metabolic syndrome
  • – Evidence of advanced subclinical atherosclerosis
  • – Poor exercise capacity on treadmill test
  • – Abnormal heart rate recovery after stopping exercise
  • – Systemic autoimmune collagen-vascular disease
  • – History of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes

Women who are at risk for the development of cardiovascular disease should be treated with lifestyle modifications and medications that are proven to reduce their risk of heart disease.  A heart healthy diet and 150 min of moderate exercise or 75 min of vigorous exercise every week, as well as abstinence from smoking are recommended.  They may or may not require the addition of BP and/or cholesterol lowering medications.  They should be encouraged to attain Ideal Cardiovascular Health.

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