Ideal Cardiovascular Health – Understanding the Details

Do You Know Your Risk Level for Heart Disease? You are considered IDEAL CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH if you follow a healthy lifestyle with all of the following:

  • – Blood pressure less than 120/80mm Hg and not on medicine for blood pressure
  • – Total cholesterol less than 200mg/dl and not on medicine for cholesterol
  • – Fasting blood glucose less than 100mg/dl and not on medicine for blood sugar
  • – Body mass index less than 25kg/m2
  • – Never smoked or quit over one year ago
  • – Performs 150 min of moderate exercise or 75 min of vigorous exercise a week
  • – Eats a diet of fruits and vegetables, whole-grains, and high-fiber foods. Eats fish, especially oily fish twice a week or more. Pregnant women should avoid fish with high mercury levels.
  • – Limits saturated fat, cholesterol, alcohol, sodium, sugar, and avoids trans-fatty acids



Do You Know Your Risk for Metabolic Syndrome?

Do You Have Metabolic Syndrome?

If you have 3 or more of the following risk factors, then you have the metabolic syndrome and are a greater risk of developing heart and other vascular diseases, type2 diabetes, and having a stroke.

  • – Your waist is greater than 35 inches
  • – Your triglycerides are higher than 150mg/dl
  • – Your HDL (good cholesterol) is less than 50mg/dl
  • – Your blood pressure is higher than 130/85mmHg
  • – Your fasting blood sugar is higher than 100mg/dl

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