Compression stockings – My Mom’s tips on proper application

My wonderful 94 year old mother has worn graduated compression stockings for treatment of chronic venous disease with varicose veins for 20 years. She continues to put them on every morning and remove them prior to bedtime. I asked her for tips on applying them correctly, and realized that Donning gloves are very helpful. Here is what she recommends: They are called Donning Gloves.  The ones I like the best are Sigvaris.  I have gotten Jobst and some others and they didn’t last as long or work as well.  I get them on Amazon.  They are $6.95 a pair.
Screen Shot 2013-06-23 at 2.56.22 PM
 The easiest way to put them on without a struggle is to just pull the sock over the foot (it is harder to pull it over the heel), put on the gloves, point the toe and rub the socks up the leg with both hands, remove the gloves and pull them up. If they need adjusting, rub them up some more with the gloves.  Try it, it is easy.  Playtex don’t do much even though some vendors tell people to use them. I am sure more people would use them if they knew this easy way of putting them on their legs. 

Here is a helpful video which demonstrates the proper application of compression stockings.

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