PROBLEM: Young adults and obesity – What are the coaches doing?

How many times have you watched student athletes enjoy large appetites, fully knowing that their physical training will burn off enough calories for them to eat all that they want. They are training several hours a day, and are able to put anything and everything in their stomachs without gaining a pound.  But what happens to this same athlete if they get injured, and can no longer train.  What happens to this same athlete when they graduate and no longer participate in a rigorous training program? Did they also learn about nutrition and eating for success while playing on the team? 


SOLUTION:  Student athletes are training for many hours every day, and are supervised by coaches and trainers as they develop their skills.  We entrust our children to coaches and trainers who are teaching them a sport, supervising their training and conditioning, and leading them through a successful season of competitions. We need to encourage these coaches and trainers to take the time to teach the student athletes about proper nutrition. Nutrition is a vital part of their training, and can offer lifelong benefits that will lead them through a healthy life.  

Student athletes deserve to be given nutritional guidance while they participate in their sport. Coaches and trainers have tremendous influence on these young athletes, and frequently are able to effect changes in behavior that their parents have not been able to accomplish.  As parents, it is exceedingly important for us to demand that our children’s athletic programs address the importance of nutrition in athletic training, and demand that the coaches and trainers lead the way. 

What do you think?  Do you have similar concerns?  I’d love to hear your ideas.  We need to work together to address this growing problem in our student athletes.


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