What is a Lipid Specialist?

Lipid specialists reduce deaths related to high cholesterol and other lipid disorders.  They treat patients with elevated cholesterol and other lipid disorders to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, like stroke and heart attack. Lipids are fats and normal levels are required for good health. Abnormally high or low lipid levels can lead to illness and cardiovascular disease, including arterial blockage, heart attack and stroke.  Lipid specialists believe that most cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by appropriately treating elevated cholesterol and patients’ additional cardiac risk factors (smoking, hypertension, diabetes, obesity). The specialty of “Lipidology” is a multidisciplinary branch of medicine that focuses on lipid metabolism and their associated disorders. Dr. Kathleen Drinan is a member of the National Lipid Association, and is proud to have earned the title of “Clinical Lipid Specialist”.

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